Anson Bell

Anson Bell House - Salem, Marion County

"We will support persons in their freedom and empowerment (including mutual respect in relationship and allowing for mistakes) to experience, learn from, understand, and believe in determining and managing our own lives."

This age 17 and up residential group home serves five persons who are relatively capable physically but may have high level support needs behaviorally. Anson Bell's physical structure is a horseshoe design with a partially covered courtyard and a circular driveway with large windows and very nice landscaping. Staff (Direct Care Professionals or DSP) are trained well in behavioral, mental health, and medical supports including Oregon Intervention Systems, Supportive Role, Reality Orientation, residential medical supports, as well as the SOI Mission, Vision, Values, and Strategic Plan. Anson Bell is managed by a Team Leader with the assistance of a DSP-IV.

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